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Make it a Double by Sawyer Bennett!

If you haven't met Brody Markham, you REALLY need to because he is a fan favorite BBF.  Make it a Double is going to be free for the whole month of March to celebrate the release of Shaken, Not Stirred - the 5th and final book of The Last Call Series which will be on your e-reader come March 17, 2015 (pre-order information below).  This is March Madness for Readers.


Brody Markham has endured a nightmare, spending the last five years in prison and losing everything that was dear to him. Now he’s back home, trying to survive in a world he doesn’t recognize anymore. While his family and friends desperately try to reach through to him, he shelters himself further and further away from their love. 

Alyssa Myers has worked her entire life to distance herself from the luxurious and privileged lifestyle in which she was raised. Running her non-profit agency, The Haven, she is content to spend her days helping abused animals find sanctuary, which fulfills her in a way that money just can’t buy. 

Maybe it’s that she recognizes in Brody some of the same characteristics she sees in her homeless wards, but Alyssa is powerless to stop her personal quest to make Brody whole again. 

While Brody struggles to surface from the darkness, Alyssa tries to protect her heart in case he’s not willing to accept the light that she offers him.




On The Rocks

Make It A Double

Sugar On The Edge

With A Twist

Shaken, Not Stirred

Dare to Love by Carly Phillips

When it comes to family, Ian Dare gives his all but in relationships he offers the bare minimum. Until one glimpse of sensual Riley Taylor arouses his dominant and protective instincts. He will do anything to possess her ... and does. But any future with Riley must include him dealing his half-brother who is a constant reminder of the pain he'd rather forget. 

Riley Taylor believes herself immune to domineering men - until charismatic Ian Dare turns a simple kiss into an all out assault on her senses and she discovers she likes his brand of control in the bedroom. As their affair heats up, they soon realize they complete each other in ways neither imagined. But Riley's past is closer than she cares to remember, and her struggles with Ian's dominance might just cost her everything.

"One of my favorite reads this year." HM Ward, NYT Bestselling Author of The Arrangement 

"An incredibly sexy contemporary romance that's impossible to put down!"-- Rachel Van Dyken #1 NYT Bestselling author of The Bet

Don't forget about the rest of the Dare to Love Series:

Book 1: Dare to Love (Ian & Riley)
Book 2: Dare to Desire (Alex & Madison)
Book 3: Dare to Surrender (Gabe & Isabelle)
Book 4: Dare to Submit (
Decklan & Amanda) 
Book 5: Dare to Touch (Olivia & Dylan) 
Book 6: Dare to Hold (Scott & Meg) coming in 2015
Book 7: Dare to Rock (Avery & Grey) coming in 2015
*each book can stand alone for your reading enjoyment

The Players Club: Playing with Him
by Erika Wilde


When Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most erotic fantasies, giving her a night she’ll never forget. But forgetting him isn’t quite so easy. 

PLAYING WITH HIM is a FREE teaser excerpt that offers a sexy glimpse into Raina and Logan's story in the full length and stand-alone novel, PLAYING WITH TEMPTATION
Also included is the FREE BONUS READ of the complete novelette of THE AWAKENING, Volume 1 of The Marriage Diaries! 


Mine for Tonight by JS Scott

Down on her luck, nursing student and full-time waitress Kara Foster gets a massive blow to her already desperate financial situation that will surely find her living on the streets. Needing nothing less than a miracle to save her, Kara gets rescued from an unknown, unlikely and overwhelming source. Billionaire Simon Hudson makes her an offer that is impossible to refuse, but terrifying to accept from a man that she's never met. Will the handsome, alpha billionaire really be a solution to her problems, or will he end up being a major complication and a danger to her emotional sanity? 

Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson would rather be behind a computer creating computer games than rubbing elbows with the elite and he knows exactly what he wants
... until he meets Kara Foster. Something about Kara touches Simon in ways he's never experienced and definitely doesn't like. For over a year, Simon watches over Kara, but stubbornly refuses to admit his desire to possess her, not even to himself. But when she ends up in a situation that could very well be her destruction, Simon steps up to help her, not realizing that in saving Kara, he might very well be salvaging his own soul. 

"Mine For Tonight" is book one of "The Billionaire's Obsession". Books in this trilogy do not stand alone and need to be read in order. They include: 
Mine For Tonight - Book 1 "The Billionaire's
Mine For Now - Book 2 "The Billionaire's Obsession
Mine Forever - Book 3 "The Billionaire's
and Mine Completely - a Valentine's Day romance featuring Simon and Kara 
The Billionaire's Obsession Boxed Set is only 99 cents!

Drive Me Crazy: Holland Springs Series by Marquita Valentine

Melanie Ann Smith has been in love with her best friend’s older brother for years, but he’s never given her the time of day. So, when Carter Ambrose comes home to recuperate from a wreck on the track *without* his witchy ex-fiancee, can Melanie convince him to stay?

"When I started the Holland Springs series, I was hoping to find stories that were fun and sexy, heartfelt and sweet. A series that gives me the same feelings as Bella Andre's Sullivans series. And guess what, I've found it." Andrea at The Bookish Babe

Holland Springs Series (contemporary romance): 
Drive Me Crazy 
Twice Tempted 
Third Time's a Charm 
His Christmas Wish 
Just Desserts 
Not Over You 
Be Mine 

Tempting Love by Melanie Shawn

Independent, talented, and beautiful–inside and out–Haley Sloan knew exactly what she wanted out of life. With her designer lingerie business booming, her career was moving forward, but her heart stayed in the same place it had for four years…hopelessly in love with the single father across the street. 

Former wild boy turned responsible adoring father, Eddie Thomas always made sure that the needs of his little girl Emily were his top priority. Being a single father meant sacrificing his wants and needs for that of his little girl and that meant sacrificing his want and need for Haley…no matter how tempting. 

Will the oldest of the Sloan girls finally be able to break through to the heart of the man who has had hers prisoner for years? Will this single father finally realize that accepting his love for Haley may be just what his little girl needs to get the family they both deserve? 

One choice. Three lives. All tempting. 

"This book reminded me of a fluffy pink cupcake and when you bit into it there was a luscious dollop of dark chocolate with just a tee-tiny speck of cayenne. MMMMMMmmmmm!"--Rage, Sex, and Teddy Bears Blog on Tempting Love - Haley & Eddie

The Crossroads Series:
My First
My Last
My Only
My Everything
Tempting Love
Crazy Love
Actually Love
Fairytale Love

**Author's note: Each book in The Crossroads Series can be read as a stand-alone**


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