Sunday, February 17, 2013

M-E-O-W!!! Book boyfriends come to life!!!

Ok.... So I am convinced that all of my book boyfriends are going to be turned into a movie one day! What better love story than to take a book loved by everyone and bring it to life! SQUEE!!! So... I put together a little casting list of my fave book studs and who I think should play them. ;)) Enjoy!!

Travis Maddox- Beautiful Disaster

Cash/Nash- Down to You

Duece West- Undeniable
Rush Finlay- Never Too Far
Lucas Wolfe- Devoured
Aidan Fitzgerald- The Proposition
Gabriel Emerson- Gariel's Inferno
Jake Wethers- The Mighty Storm
Rick- Demon at My Door
Kellan Kyle- Thoughtless

Noel Falcon- Rock the Heart

Pesh- The Proposal

Gideon Cross- Bared to You

Ramsey Bridges- Avoiding Committment (I could not list Jake for personal choices...He's an ASS! LOL)

Last but definitely NOT least... Christian Grey- 50!!

These are just my top 15 favorites. Please share who your faves are!! ;))

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