Friday, February 1, 2013

Breath.... breathe....

OMG!! OMG!! Breathe in... breathe out!! I can hardly wait for this one to come out!! Michelle Valentine... you just made my day!!

Getting closer to release day!! Short little snippit from Demon At My Door.

My head begins to throb, and I remember I still have my hair pulled into a tight ponytail. I release the rubber band, shaking my hair free. I run my hands throug hit, instantly relieving some of the tension on my scalp.
Rick’s eyes scan me while he wears an appreciative smile. “Your hair looks nice down.”
My cheeks grow warm from his compliment and I fight back an embarrassing smile. “Thanks.”
His gray eyes soften, and he licks his lips. An influx of heat of floods through me as his stare transfixes on my mouth.
The attraction vibe between us overwhelms me. I bite my lip and look away. Is it wrong to find your demon attractive?

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