Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Review- Love Nip by Mary Whitten

Paranormal romance and bad boys are two of my favorite genres. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that this book had both!! Love Nip had me hooked from the very beginning! I found myself throughout the book biting my nails for different reasons. The first reason was the love triangle between Emily, Axle, and Ezra. Both men wanted Emily's affection and as always I had my choice of who I thought should win...

“I know you’re going through a lot, pumpkin. I wish I could help, but Ezra is a big boy. You need to let him make his own decisions,” he offered, and kissed the top of my head. “He’s making the wrong one,” I sniffled. “So are you.”

Throughout the book, Emily has convinced herself that she should be with Ezra. I don't know how much of  it are really her own emotions  or the guilt she has over his situation. I had to tame my squeal when she finally started to realize just who it was that she wanted.

"I knew I had no right, but I couldn’t help that I still felt something for Ezra even if it wasn’t like what I felt for Axle."

"I studied him intently while I waited for his expert information. His chiseled abs couldn’t dare compare to the muscular structure of Axle’s body. And although Ezra had a pretty face it held no comparison to the artwork of Axle’s stone expression. I realized as I waited for the half naked man to continue that I was never in love with him. Axle was right; I never truly wanted Ezra. I wanted the idea of Ezra. That is a man to love and cherish me. He was the first man who had walked into my life and sent chills down my back. Any girl would feel lust for a man like Ezra."

I loved the twists and turns of this book and should send a salon bill for my new mani to Mary Whitten for the shape my nails are in. Right when I thought things were going my way... Emily's life took a different turn. As a witch Emily is extremely powerful. More powerful than even she knows. It seems she is always messing things up and in turn proving to everyone else how truly powerful she is. I was totally invested in Emily and the hope that she would work out all her kinks. 

I also found myself laughing out loud while reading. This book has it all... Mystery, romance, suspense, and humor. I have to share one of the funniest scenes from the book... In my opinion. Emily has faced off with the evil vampire and his goons are supposed to be watching over her. Being a powerful witch definitely plays into Emily's favor when the head vampire steps out for a while. She tricks the goons into thinking a huge spider is lurking in her room...

"Suddenly a giant spider leapt out from under the bed and attached itself to Rocko’s face. Buster let out a girly shriek, swatting at Rocko. The spider crawled down the front of Rocko’s shirt and down to his pants, resting just under his belt. It seemed to happen in slow motion; Buster tightened his fingers together, forming a fist. As his hand flew through the air, the spider abandoned ship, jumping to the floor. Buster’s fist connected with Rocko’s man junk. Rocko’s expression was priceless. He fell to the floor, his face scrunched in agony. His hands cupped his groin area and he rolled...."

I love how Mary Whitten described scenes and emotions so well. I felt like I was Emily!! Underneath that tough exterior is just a scared, insecure little girl who just wants her dad's love and support. I admire Emily for showing such a bad ass persona, when inside she is dying for a hug! I give Love Nip 4 solid stars and only because I reserve those 5 stars for the knock me off my feet favorites. I would encourage everyone to read it!! It is a quick, fast paced, humorous, and touching story! I think people can relate to the character Emily and her feelings that she has for her friends, lovers, and lackey of a father when she was a child. If you take away the paranormal aspects of the story, she is still a woman.... A woman who wants love and acceptance. 

Emily is back at it again… only this time she’s on the payroll

They Thought his bite was dangerous...
After foreplay gone wrong Emily now has to face the truth… she is anything but human. A deadly bite changes Ezra forever. Vampire no longer, he must decide between life as a vampire or death as a human. With Ezra out of the picture Emily must step up and help the agency with a case. The only person suitable to be her partner is none other than the sexy werewolf bad boy, Axle. Two local witches are missing and it’s up to Emily and Axle to find them before it’s too late. While doing some digging they discover that the witches are the least of their worries…

24 years of Emily’s life and the only family member she has known was her detached mother. Now she is getting acquainted with multiple strangers, including a man claiming to be her brother. But is he really what he says or is he leading Emily into a trap.

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