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Blog Tour: Wrong Kind of Love by Amanda Heath Blog Tour: Collared for a Night by Susan Arden

  • Blog Tour: Wrong Kind of Love by Amanda Heath                
  • Blog Tour: Collared for a Night by Susan Arden          

Genre: Contemporary New Adult

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The first time I ever saw Caden Harper I’m pretty sure I fell in love. All that golden hair and pale blue eyes. He was mysterious and covered in paint. I found it endearing and wanted nothing more than to find out all his secrets. I gave that man things I would never give anyone else. He blew it though. Which I shouldn’t be surprised considering he is a womanizer. So I moved on, well kind of. Jaden Harper wasn’t what I expected. I found myself drawn to him all most as much as his brother. Maybe it’s the fact they are twins or maybe it was the fact I wanted to live on the wrong side for once in my life. Now I’ve found myself dug deep in this game. Theres no end in sight and I wonder when all the lies I have told will come back to haunt me. Neither man should know the things I’ve gone through. Neither should trust me. I’m not who I say I am. My past is full of things I won’t ever share. But where will that lead me when Caden wants nothing more than to consume me? He won’t wake up to see he has the wrong kind of love. My Name is Grace BreadField and this is my story.

I’m lying on my bed staring up at the white ceiling when I hear a soft knock oat the front door of my apartment. I sigh before getting off the bed and heading for the door. Hopeful its not one of Jaden’s dumb football buddies. Those jackasses don’t know how to act. They all think they are better than everyone else. I’m starting to think my brother is in the perfect place being friends with them. I peak through the peephole and my heart stops. There my Angel is. Standing in front of me looking like she came straight from heaven. I want to let her in and take her to my room and tie her up again. I don’t think I ever stopped wanting to do that. What I wouldn’t give to have her all to myself, but apparently she made her choice. I let out a breath of air and open the door. When she looks up at me I almost groan. I can see in her eyes how much she wants me. How much she wants to come in and let me devour her. And I have to be honest here; I have never wanted anything more myself. “What are you doing here?” I ask putting menace in my voice. She looks shocked for a second but doesn’t shy away from me. Her glare speaks volumes and I want nothing more than to make her even angrier. I want her so angry she never speaks to me again. Then this shit will go away and I can go back to me. “I came to talk to you. I think you got the wrong impression earlier at the bowling alley.” She doesn’t wait for me to invite her in, she just shoves past me. She plants that nice ass down on my old blue couch and crosses her legs. Her short lace skirt rides up her legs and my dick comes to attention. Grace has amazing legs. I want to kiss every inch of them. God, I’m such a freak. “Then fucking talk and then fucking leave.” I’m starting to get pissed off, not at her but me. I can’t believe how much I want her. This isn’t healthy. She rolls her eyes before crossing her arms over her chest, pushing the globes together. Grace is trying to kill me. “Look, Jaden asked Teagan to ask me if I wanted to go out with them tonight. I only went because Teagan begged me too. She didn’t know about us and how I feel about you. Jaden realized that I wasn’t into him and told me I was free be with you.” She pauses and starts fiddling with her thumbs. “That is if you want to be with me. I don’t know what you want because we tend to only have sex. Besides, I couldn’t be with Jaden after sleeping with you. That would make me a slut and I’m not a slut thank you very much.” I place my back against the front door and take a deep breath. I know Jaden and I know he wouldn’t just give her up. If that boy really wants something then he will do whatever he can to get it. This must be a test or something for Grace. They say if you love it then let it go, not that Jaden loves her. It would take a lot for Jaden to love a female; the man is married to football. “If he told you that, then he was lying. Jaden doesn’t just give up that easily. I know my brother very well. And I’m not going to stand in his way.” A look of pure anger passes over her face before it’s gone. I have a feeling it wasn’t directed at me, which is weird since I didn’t run into her arms, and ask her to marry me. Like that would ever happen. “Okay. Thank you so much for letting me in. I’ll see you around.” She gets up off the couch and heads to were I am standing. I’m so shocked by what she said I couldn’t find the will to move my legs. “Can I get by you please?” She asks in that sickly sweet voice. Who the fuck is this girl? Jesus one second she is a sexy vixen and the next she is some church going virgin? I haven’t been this confused in my entire life. “That’s it? You’re just going to walk out of here and not fight me? I can’t believe that for a second.” “I’m sorry. I don’t know what you mean. I said what I had to say and you said what you did. It didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, so now I’m going to move on.” She smiles up at me and points at the door. “What the fuck? Why are you acting one-way and then a completely different way? Why can’t you just be that feisty girl I met the other night? I like her. This sweet bubblegum shit is disgusting and frankly not you.” My hands itch to grab her around the waist and haul her into my body. Then fuck her brains out. But I refrain. The anger comes off of her in waves causing me to be a little afraid. She steps closer and points her finger into my chest hard…again. “Look here you asshole. You can’t even begin to guess why I act the way I do. You don’t know me and have no clue who I really am.” She steps even closer and we touch chest to chest. “You had your chance, so don’t start wanting to know me now. I no longer want anything to do with you.” She steps back, breaking contact. “Now get out of my fucking way.” I hate to admit I am seriously turned on right now. “No.” I seethe stepping away from the door and into her body. I wrap my hands around her upper arms and slam my lips down on hers, devouring their fullness with everything I am. She kisses me back for a minute before she steps back and slaps me. She went back on her instep and used all her strength and I know tomorrow I’ll have a fucking bruise. Before I can grab her up she sprints out the door. I race after her but I see people around. I stop before they think something sinister is going on. “You can run, Grace, but I’ll eventually come after you. Whether you know it or not you’re mine and you better fucking get used to.” Grace stops right before she reaches her car door and turns to face me. She takes in all the people standing around gawking at us. “Don’t start throwing out that He-man crap. If you really wanted me then you would have me. You threw me away, not the other way around. Get over yourself. It was just sex and it wasn’t that good to begin with.” And then she is getting into her car and driving away. Leaving me standing with my mouth hanging wide open and like ten people laughing and pointing at me. --

My Review:

Wowzers!!!! Wrong Kind of Love had me feeling like I was stuck in an emotional tornado and was getting spit out, sucked back in, spit out , sucked back, repeated over and over!! Every time the tornado spit me out I had a different emotion... Suck, Spit, Pissed... Suck, Spit, Sad... Suck, Spit, Distraught... Suck, Spit, Happy... Suck, Spit, Yelling... Suck, Spit, Laughing... What the hey?!?!?! I loved that one book could make me feel all of those emotions with just one character. LOL

Amanda Heath did an amazeball job at writing a story that could take massively F'ed up people and have you falling in love with both of them for the way  they are. I didn't want anyone to change... well minus Jaden... I wanted to punch him in the throat and nuts at the same time! I adored Caden and Grace/Kayla, I wanted to hug Declan, I wanted to go shopping with Aiden/David, and I loathed Grace and David's mom and step dad! I went back and forth with Teagan. She wore on me and finally won me over, but it took almost to the end of the book!

I have to admit when I first started reading this book, I thought something totally different was happening... but that was what I loved about Wrong Kind of Love... it kept me guessing, wondering the entire time what was going to happen, who would Grace pick, why couldn't she just be Kayla and kick the perfect Grace to the curb????? My mind was always spinning and my emotions were getting whiplash from going from one extreme to the other!

I don't want to give any spoilers away so I will make this review short and sweet. Grace is a bad ass acting like a sugarplum fairy to hide from an evil step dad and Caden is hot as hell, sex on legs, had me panting from his crazy sex skills! I LOVED them as a couple and was rooting for them to kick the fake crap to the curb and just let everyone know who belonged to who. I easily give Wrong Kind of Love 4 stars on the knock my socks off scale!! It is a definite MUST read!!

Amanda lives in southern Arkansas with her husband and young child. 
She enjoys reading, writing, and drinking tons of Dr. Pepper. 
You can find her sitting on the couch with either her head in a book or typing on her laptop.
Amanda is the author of This Beautiful Thing, Fire In Her Eyes, Angel Cuffs, and Norma Jean

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Warning: Erotic scenes hot enough to peel paint.
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All it takes is one mistake to be marked. One bite, she crosses a line...into forever.

Diana Hambre's body is blazing. For days this leopardess shifter has spun through a body-searing heat cycle. Alone. Her senses reel when Shawn Barclay, her boss, walks into her reserved room at the Downtown Den, a stud club for shifters. He gives Diana a choice: spend the evening with him, give into his every desire, and she'll find out what it means to quench her heat-crazed thirst—or try her luck with a stranger, one of the club bangers.

Shawn hates when his back is against the wall. One sip of Diana’s pheromone-laced scent is enough to force his alpha hand. The tables have turned and it's Diana's back he wants up against a wall, or any other surface for that matter.

As the moon rises toward midnight, Shawn and Diana come to understand the difference between sex and bonding. For a night, neither of them resist their primal instincts, blindly giving into carnal desire. Her wild nature fights being subdued and she risks spontaneously shifting without warning.

Now, bearing Shawn's bite marks, she can’t simply walk away from him; not when he has the means to teach her to harness her leopardess nature. Shawn accepts the challenge of training Diana to control her untamed cravings. Employing every method available in and out of the bedroom, he discovers he's on the verge of ensnaring himself in the process.

  Book Trailer:

My Review:

Susan Arden is a master at writing short, erotic, stimulating, and spicy stories that are full of depth, and the traditional elements that readers love to read about! I never feel like I am getting the short end of the stick when reading one of her books. Some writers have a difficult time fully telling their stories without writing a 500 page book... not Susan Arden! She has done it again with Collared for a Night!!

Diana is an Alpha leopardess with a need for hot sex during her heat cycle... problem... well 1. she doesn't know she is an Alpha female, and 2. she has no mate to satisfy her sexual hunger. So she does what she thinks is the best choice and goes to a stud club for shifters. Her goal is to find a stud for the night that can take away the tension her hormones are putting on her body. This is where the story gets interesting.

Little does Diana know that her hot, Alpha leopard male design by day boss is the owner of the stud club. She has desired him for a year, but has kept her guard up and mind on work and off of his sex on legs body! Now she is faced with him and her desires at a club where they can lose themselves into their leopard nature and try to get through this heat cycle without losing their hearts and souls and truly mate.

Shawn has kept Diana at an arm's length since she came to work for his design company. He knew she had something he wanted and thought it best to keep their relationship professional. Things change when he sees that she is a client at his stud club. Can he curb her hormonal desires without being aggressive and wanting to dominate her??? That is the true challenge for his inner leopard. The human Shawn and leopard Shawn are in an ongoing battle over how to handle Diana. The hardest part is she enjoys her independence and Shawn will have to see if he can tame her wild Alpha beast or die trying.

I give Collared for the Night 4 stars on the knock my socks off scale! I love Susan Arden and 1-click anything I see her name attached to. This book wasn't any different! Great quick read that will have you panting and wanting to let your inner leopard out!

About the Author:
 "I love to laugh. More than anything in the world, humor is food for the spirit."

Susan Arden is a third generation Floridian. Previously, a teacher in the field of special education and biology, now Susan pursues her dream of writing fiction with several releases this year. Crafting sweet and spicy tales, she writes hot love stories across romance genres including contemporary erotic, Western, and fantasy/paranormal. Susan also writes under the name of Susan D. Taylor.

Susan currently lives in TN along with husband, two cattle dogs, two crazy cats, a gecko and a corn snake. A mother, RYT200 Yoga Alliance (registered yoga teacher), and avid gardener.

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