Friday, January 2, 2015


Do you want to know what enrolling in grad school, teaching full time, having 2 children to raise, and a hubby that has an unknown sickness that lands him in ICU every 3 months brings you? A neglected blog... BAD Kristi!! My New Year's resolution is to balance my life better. Reading is my passion, it is how my crazy brain relaxes, and it is how I take time for myself... so I refuse to let all of my hard work in getting this blog up and running and maintaining this, a FB page, a Twitter account, and now a tsu page go to waste because my ADD butt cannot manage my time!! I am so utterly irritated with myself, but I AM BACK!! Make sure to follow us on all of the social media networks seeing as how some things show up and some things do not! We already have several book tours scheduled, so keep your eyes peeled!

This is what was playing in my head while typing this. LOL 

Twitter: @bookaddicks
tsu: @Readingismytimeout

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