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Blog Tour: No Second Chances by Beverley Hollowed

We are super excited to have Beverley Hollowed and her amazeballs book No Second Chances on our blog today!!
No nonsense mechanic, Ally Brody is a ‘one chance only’ kind of girl. When she catches her boyfriend, of two years, cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office, there will be No Second Chances.

Determined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again, she comes face to face with Cole Thomas. He is gorgeous, charming, rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away from.

Cole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires. Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings. Will her obsessed ex, who refuses to accept it’s over, or a secret Cole himself is hiding, destroy their relationship before it even gets started?

Can Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance?

My Review:
Seriously?!?!?! I am having a hard time just typing this review because my heart has literally been ripped from my chest, tossed on the floor, and pounced on like no body's business! Beverley Hollowed, you are an evil little genius and this next installment better come out STAT!

No Second Chances is about a girl, Ally, who is a stubborn, independent, hard headed head strong, you will only screw me over and get away with it once type of chick. I LOVE HER!! She watched her mother die while her father was out banging a woman on the side, walked in on her own boyfriend of two years getting oral sex from his assistant, and has decided she does not need anyone. She is a one strike and you are OUT type of person, and she doesn't stray from that thinking. What is the one thing, or person, that could possibly challenge such a strong willed woman??? The walking sex on legs Cole Thomas!

Oh... Cole Thomas... just hearing and saying his name makes me want to blush.
M-E-O-W!! Cole is a wealthy, Alpha male, successful, HOT, charismatic, gets what he wants, did I mention HAWT already???? man that will definitely challenge Ally's rules. He has an immediate zing when he first meets Ally and sets his sight on making her his. He schmoozes her into sex, but can he schmooze her into giving him her heart? Cole Thomas could have anyone he wanted and Ally is left wondering .... why her? She doesn't see herself the way other people see her. She believes she is just a everyday attractive girl trying to make it in a man's business (mechanic). Cole makes it his personal life goal to make Ally love him and for her to see herself the way he sees her.

The tricky part of this book is all of the baggage that Cole and Ally bring into their relationship. They zing... CHECK, the have amazingly hot sex... CHECK, but do they trust each other enough to let the other one in on their secrets? That is the true test and one they come back to again and again. Ally has a crazy ex... the douche bag that was caught with his pants down... LITERALLY and Cole has a secret of his own that he knows Ally will not understand or take lightly.

No Second Chances was a very quick read for me. I devoured this book in one sitting! I love the angst,the story line, the characters... both won my heart and while I would cheer "You go girl!!" to Ally when she would bust balls, I would also yell "I'll give you more than one chance Cole... pick me, pick me!!" I give this book4.5 stars on the knock my socks off scale and I will definitely be waiting IMPATIENTLY for book 2!!

SQUEEE... I got the chance to sit down with COLE THOMAS.... breathe.... breathe.....

R is my TO: Hi Cole!! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog today!!
Cole: Hi Kristi…. Lovely to meet you. Always a pleasure to talk to such a beautiful lady.
R is my TO: OK... so let's get right to it....We all want to know.... WHY did you keep you know what from Ally?????

Cole: You know I have asked myself that same question so many times and the only answer I have is I am an idiot. I guess I was scared she would have walked away in the beginning but then as time passed it became harder and harder to tell her. I love her and I didn’t want to lose her. There just never seemed to be the right time. But I know I should have made the time. I will regret that decision for the rest of my life.

R is my TO:  What are your top 5 favorite parts of a woman's body?

Cole: Hmmm…. I love all parts of a woman’s body (wink wink). But first thing I would notice is her eyes. Ally has amazing eyes. And her smile.  I will admit I am a bottom man. The neck is a very sensual place on a woman so I like to give it the attention it deserves. Finally I like a woman with nice hands. They should be soft and gentle just like the lady herself.

R is my TO: What is your next plan?

Cole: Well I need to sort my stupid ass out. I need to fix what I’ve broken. And I need to start grovelling and pray for a miracle. Because I think that is what I am gonna need.

R is my TO: When did you know that you loved Ally and not just lusted for her?

Cole: I think on some level, the minute I saw her peering through the car window to me I knew I was in trouble. When she called my ass out as being a sexist jerk I knew she was something special. When she kicked my ass out on that Sunday morning, she was all I could think about. I think I knew then I was falling in love with her.

R is my TO:  Boxers, briefs, or nada??????

Cole: Definitely boxers….although going commando has its benefits lol

R is my TO: Who is your favorite band or singer?

Cole: I have quite an eclectic taste in music. I love all sorts of music but my favourite band has to be Coldplay.

R is my TO: What relaxes you the most?

Cole: I love to read and listen to music. And of course spending time with Ally is my favourite thing in the world.

R is my TO: Will you stay in Dublin or return to London?

Cole: The plan was always to return to London but Dublin is where my heart is now. It’s hard because I have Ally in Dublin and a very important reason to be in London. It will be a hard call. But I don’t care where I am based as long as I have Ally with me.

R is my TO: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Cole: I have been lucky enough to travel the world. I love New York and Paris. But my favourite vacation spot is a little house I own in West Cork, Ireland. It is nestled on the side of hill overlooking the beautiful Bantry Bay. It has its own pool and tennis court and is the perfect place to relax with friends. Or maybe a romantic break away from the world with someone special. I was hoping to take Ally there real soon. Guess we will have to wait and see if that will happen now.

R is my TO: What is the sexiest thing about a woman?

Cole: The sexiest thing in a woman is confidence. For her to know who she is and what she wants. But that confidence needs to come with a good heart. Beauty is only skin deep. True beauty comes from inside and lasts a life time.

And since we have completely melted into a puddle on the floor from talking to this absolute STUD muffin... our interview had to end. ;)

Author Bio:
I am Beverley, though my friends call me Bev, I am 38 years old and I live in Dublin with my Husband and 2 sons. I love to read and I love music. I has been writing as long as I can remember I released my first book in December 2012 called Forever and Always.

My new book, No Second Chances (the first book from The Chances Series) is due for release April 29th....

Some random fact about me.... I am a middle child, I have a fear of Mirrors and birds and I make custom Jewellery.

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