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Blog Tour: Super Love by Stephanie Beck

We welcome Stephanie Beck to our blog today to check out her awesome book, Super Love.

Reuniting to save the world.

Dinah just wanted to save the world. That didn’t pan out, so she turned to social work, only to find herself miserable. When she’s given the option of returning to the Justice Fraternity and her life as Dinah-Go, super fast superhero, she hesitates because going back means working side by side with her former lover Myles Steele, aka Man of Wonder.

To save their city from gargoyles, Man of Wonder needs Dinah-Go back in fighting shape. But Myles wants more than just his fighting partner at his side, he wants the lover and friend he lost two years earlier. Getting her will take more than even his super strength.

The spring scent of cherry blossoms wafted into the car, coloring the air to memories of the past. They’d made love under the cherry trees a few times. Not nearly often enough, but on a stray occasion they’d made the time.

There was so much Myles should share with her, update her on, but breathing her in took over too much brain space to focus. He’d missed her.

The day two passenger trains collided at Silver City Junction, stealing the lives of dozens and injuring many more, Myles lost his best friend. Not to death, but to doubt, which also acted much like death in superheroes.

His second chance had come and he wouldn’t waste it. He turned down the gated road toward the Justice Fraternity lair.

“Wow, the place looks great. This area always looks amazing in the spring. I can’t wait to see Esmerelde and Sparrow. I’m sure I’ll get along fine with the others as well. I’ll pay my dues and be back where I belong.”

The determination and excitement in her voice were what his weary heart needed to hear. When he’d fought beside Dinah-Go, he’d had extra incentive to do his best, to be the best. He wanted that feeling back. For the most part, mankind did deserve saving, but like Dinah, he’d been running into the scum of the earth lately, and it made putting on his tights a chore.

Dinah reached over the center console of the car and pushed the discrete button near the steering wheel. She turned to him and grinned. “You always did have the best toys.”

Instead of the garage door going up, the driveway began tilting down into an underground location. He barely slowed as he headed down, taking the curves deep into the earth as he had a thousand times before. Dinah’s breathing increased, the excitement in the situation a little like the way she approached climax. She’d once told him speed and danger made her giddy.

He’d bet she hadn’t felt the way she did at the moment in much too long.

The dark cavern had all the stereotypes of a secret lair—dim lighting, lots of mechanical additions, booby traps. Myles swerved left at the end of the drive, avoiding trick spikes. Dinah clapped her hands. “Yay, you still have them.”

“Some things you don’t get rid of.”

She turned to him, the joy and happiness in her expression everything he wanted to see. He put the car in park and turned off the engine. Dinah looked ready to bound out and explore, but instead she stayed in the car and looked at him.

“What?” he asked.

She shrugged. “I’m glad to be home. Really glad.”
She leaned across the center console and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, drawing him closer for a kiss. Her tongue dove immediately into his mouth, taking over the kiss with playful strength and power. She dragged her fingers through his hair, and though the space was cramped, Myles leaned back to pull her closer.

Her soft breasts pressed against his chest, igniting the lust that had simmered between them the entire ride. He ran his hand down her back, following her curves to her ass. She had the strongest legs and butt of any woman he’d ever met, but the fleshy softness remained. He squeezed her butt, and she giggled into his mouth.

A tapping on the window made both of them freeze. Dinah opened her eyes and looked at him, pupils wide, red already glowing on her cheeks. Myles looked over his shoulder and groaned when Crypto Man’s twisted grin came into view.

“Damn it,” Myles said and settled Dinah in her seat. “Sometimes sidekicks are way overrated.”

My Review:

What a great quick read written by Stephanie Beck!!!! I love the mix of superhero, drama, love, and reuniting!!!! Kudos Stephanie to writing an awesome book!!

Dinah, or Dinah-Go, has left the Superhero business after a devastating loss. She wasn't able to save someone and couldn't get over it. She left behind her friends, her fellow superheroes, her home, and her love! She has decided that she is going to play the safe card and be a social worker. She can still save lives, but not necessarily see them killed. That is until she is doing social work for a family that would rather buy cars and wants then clothes and needs for their kids. After suffering through yet another ordeal, she decides to check herself into a mental hospital. hat is when Myles, aka Man of Wonder, comes back into her life. He never really left Dinah, and was watching over her the last two years that she has been away from Justice Fraternity. He convinces he to come back and rejoin her team to save Silver Junction City.

Returning to Justice Fraternity brings back many memories and Dinah encounters new
members (the Gargoyle sisters) that have a secret sinister plan. This is her second chance with being a super hero and her second chance with reigniting her love for Myles. Will they become a super power couple, or is Myles only using Dinah for Dinah-Go??? I loved the basis for this story. It had me entertained and wishing it were a full length novel with more drama, crime fighting, and sexy Myles love scenes. ;) I give Super Love 3.8 stars on the knock my socks off scale!!

Author Info:
Even before she understood what all the thrusting meant, Stephanie Beck loved reading romance. When the stories didn't end the way she wanted, writing her own was the perfect solution. From ridiculous humor to erotica, Stephanie loves being transported within a story. When she's not elbow deep in words, her husband and three children command her attention. After they are sleeping she knits or bakes cookies…or squeezes in more writing. Stephanie loves to hear from readers.

Contact her at:

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