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Blog Tour: Take Care, Sara by Lindy Zart

We are super excited to have the one and only LINDY ZART on our blog today!!  We are celebrating her Take Care, Sara blog tour!

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You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know is gone.
Sara Walker knows firsthand what it feels like to have your reality ripped away, scrambled, and shoved back at you in an undone puzzle where pieces are missing and nothing fits. She's lost so much and is struggling to live and to find the strength to forgive herself for being human. With the help of Lincoln, her husband's brother, Sara realizes it's not about finding who she used to be, but about finding who she is now.
You breathe in, you breathe out, and everything you know isn't gone, but reborn.

“Lincoln?” she called as she walked up the deck stairs, her tennis shoes thudding on the wood as she went. She jerked to a stop, blinking at the murky form before her. Sara’s voice was slightly breathless as she asked, “What are you doing? Are you okay?” Lincoln lifted his head, his features in shadow. “Define ‘okay’.”

“Are you injured? Do you need to go to the doctor?” Sara took a step closer to him, her heart beating a little too fast.

“Nope. Must be okay. What are your thoughts on alcohol?” he asked evenly.

“What?” she asked, dumbfounded by such a question. He sat back in the chair, clanking something on the table next to him. Sara squinted her eyes at the clear bottle that looked disturbingly empty and then looked at him again. He wore a white tee shirt that glowed in the dark and jeans. He had to be cold, but he was strangely still.

“Are you drunk?”

“What does that mean, Sara? Drunk? What signifies one as drunk? Slurring of words? Imbalance? Large consumptions of alcohol? If so, I am one for three.” He smirked. Sara didn’t know how she knew Lincoln was smirking with it being so dark out, but she did. It was in his voice; slightly mocking and low. “You didn’t answer me.”

Sara frowned at him, crossing her arms. “What are my thoughts on alcohol? It’s okay. In moderation. I think you overachieved on the whole moderation thing.”

“I moderate. I moderate my hand going up to my mouth and my hand going back to my lap. Tell me that isn’t moderation.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what?”

She gestured toward the bottle. “This. Drinking. You don’t drink.”

“Clearly…I do.” Lincoln grabbed the bottle and tipped it up to his lips, tilting his head back to finish it off. Sara stared at him, knowing he was hurting and she was hurting because of it. “You don’t have to do this.” Lincoln stood, carefully and slowly. “Yes. I do. I’m drinking my sorrows away. Isn’t that what people do?”

“Not you.”

“Not usually,” he corrected, leaning his hips against the wood railing of the deck and crossing his arms. Sara’s arms dropped to her sides. A burning need began inside her—no, that wasn’t true—the burning need already inside her grew. Her arms ached to wrap around him, her heart pounded at the thought of him being close to her. Lincoln was too far away; physically and mentally. Sara wanted to bring him back to her, but she didn’t have the right.

“I never was a big drinker. I think I’ve found the error of my ways.”

“Going to turn into an alcoholic now, are you?” she asked quietly, her stomach knotting. Everything was wrong; his words, his behavior. None of it was Lincoln.

“Why not? What have I got to lose?” His eyes, previously hidden in the dark, sparked with silver fire as they trailed up and down her face. Not you, those eyes said.

My Review:

Wow.... I am still reeling from the effects major heart-break and an emotional roller coaster of love, udder sadness, and reasons to live! Lindy Zart.... you are absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!!!

Take Care, Sara is about a young woman who has lost everything she has ever loved. She lost both of her parents, lost a baby she was carrying, and lost her husband who was her reason to breathe. She has contemplated multiple times how to end her own life to put an end to her misery. She has given up on life, on herself, and God forbid on happiness. Luckily Sara has friends that care deeply for her and beg for her to try to live... even if it is just showering and walking out her front door.  Sara fights tooth and nail to hang on to her heartache and doesn't believe she has the right to smile, to be happy, or to live her life.

Sara's story broke my heart. I cried, laughed, and desperately wanted her to see her self worth and live. I softly and quietly suffered along with Sara throughout her entire ordeal and adventure of finding herself. I UGLY cried to the point I had to bookmark and regain composure to continue reading. Take Care, Sara is so unbelievably touching and heartfelt that I would give it 10 stars if my scale went that high!! I absolutely give Lindy Zart 5 stars on the knock my socks off scale!! This is a MUST read friends... you will definitely need to 1-Click this book ASAP!!

About the Author:
Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.

I've been writing since I was a wee lass. I was reading before that; possibly while still in the womb. Don't think about that too much.

I started out with short horror stories and poetry. I was terrible at it. The poems not so much, but the stories were awful.

I decided to finish a book (and I DO mean finish--I'd started plenty throughout the years) when I was in my mid-twenties (so not that long ago because I'm young and will forever stay that way). Again, not my best work.

But that's the thing about writing; it improves with time. (It's also a good thing to know your work can't possibly be any worse than it was when you first started.)

What I love most about writing is having people tell me how much they enjoy my work; how my writing touches them; makes them feel intensely.

Bringing a reader to laughter or tears is a wonderful feeling for a writer, and no, I'm not sadistic. *insert evil laugh HERE* It means I got them to feel, to respond to something I created.

Also, I just like to make stuff up and put it down on paper. I have an endless supply of stories in my head; lots of stuff to share with the world.

Happy Reading!

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