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Blog Tour: Painted Lines by Brei Betzold

Today we are welcoming the amazeball Brei Betzold and her book, Painted Lines to our blog!!!!
Scout has always wanted to follow in her family’s business of custom bike building. Being female never stopped her from getting greasy and slapping on paint with the best of them, and made her work even harder at opening up her own shop someday.
When an opportunity to win $500,000 dollars in prize money presents itself, Scout and her group of misfit friends sign on the dotted line to be filmed for a reality television show to win it. But like anything in life there’s always a catch to free money.
When nightmares of the past meet dreams of the future, Scout is forced to face her demons, or be quickly over run by the memories. In the midst of her inner turmoil, family will come home, and possibly a life she never expected to have could be within her grasp.

“Hey,” he said acknowledging me but not taking his eyes off my pedal car.
“Hey,” I replied wondering how he got in here, and what he wanted.
“So what exactly are you doing here?” he asked gesturing at the car.
“Uhm painting it,” I countered sarcastically.
He looked over at me, and I realized he had the most gorgeous grey stormy eyes.  They had a dark blue circling them making them resemble storm clouds on the horizon.  I let out a startled gasp tracing his strong square jaw with my eyes following his facial hair that curved around accentuating it.  His brown hair had natural red highlights that set off his amazing eyes.  Simply, he was beautiful only in a sheer masculine kind of way and he was not for me.  I cleared my throat and forced myself to look back towards the car trying to remember what I was doing before I was sidetracked.
“I realize that, smart ass, but what exactly?”
“Uhm a lace pattern,” I mumbled trying not to get ensnared by those eyes again.
“Huh, never seen that before,” he retorted I glanced up quickly to find him looking at me oddly.
I shrugged trying to ease the tension in my shoulders and look unaffected with him standing there staring at me.  “It’s not done often anymore.”
“Well I look forward to seeing it when it’s done.”
I nodded and looked back towards the door, wanting to escape this odd conversation.
“I’m sorry about the other morning, I was out of line, it’s just that Tris is or was our leader, and we’ve been having issues since he’s not here.”
“Understandable,” I muttered, “but not my problem.”
“No, it’s not, at least not that I am on a team full of jack asses.” I could tell by the look he shot me that he did think it was my fault though that his fearless leader wasn’t here.

My Review:

Holy Hell!!!!! Painted Lines has just blown past some of my other faves and jumped right up to my top 5!!!! The last chapter of this book left me with my mouth gaped opened, my heart tightly constricted, and my soul begging for what  I thought had happened to be wrong. Kudos to Brie.... This is by far in my opinion her best book yet!!!!

Painted Lines follows the life of a young lady who has been broken, scarred beyond what she deems as reparable, and desperate to have a life but too scared to live it. Scout lived through a nightmare... Literally.... And is now overly protected by her broth, cousin, and their two friends. Everyone has vowed that nothing nor anyone will ever hurt Scout again! This can give a 22 year old girl wanting to start running her own life and making her own decisions a tad bit of trouble. 

Scout's team of bike/car rebuilders have decided to enter a TV contest to win 500 thousand dollars. They have the confidence to win challenges, and compete tasks. What they are not prepared for is for some old demons to resurface and challenge their patience and sanity. Scout will soon learn that her life has been more sheltered than even she knew about! Will she be strong enough to fight for her independence or will fear make her complacent and let her family continue to plan her life for her? 

There were moments while reading where I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. These characters made me laugh, cry, want to punch some of them in the throat, and want to yell TRUST HIM PLEASE!!! I devoured Painted Lines in one sitting. No bookmarks, no breaks, no giving his book up! It was absolutely AMAZEBALLS!!! I easily give this book 5 stars on the knock my socks off scale!!! YOU HAVE to add this book to our TBR list and 1-Click.... STAT!!!

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