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Blog Tour: Him by Carey Heywood Blog Tour: Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones

  • Blog Tour: Him by Carey Heywood            
  • Blog Tour: Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones

SQUEE!!!! We have Will!!!! Carey Heywood and her amazeball book Him on our blog today!!

Sarah Miller hasn’t been home in seven years. She thought she could stay away forever. If it wasn’t for her big brother's wedding, that is. Part of her even feels silly for staying away this long. It's not like anyone even knew what happened. Well, except for him.

That guy. The one she compared all others to. The one who set the bar so high no other guy after him could even compete. The one who made her feel like anything was possible. The one she thought she would never be good enough for. The one she spent the last seven years trying to forget. All she needs to do is make it through the next week without running into him.

My Review:
I loved the concept of Him. I loved the young love aspect of the story, the friends turn into lovers, the second chance romance, the true "one" and only soul mate type love. Him has all of those romance qualities we as readers have come to love and enjoy reading.

"Him" and Sarah became friends in 7th grade. They remained best friends throughout middle and high school. Sarah always secretly had a crush on Him and was too afraid to say anything. She always viewed herself as plain and thought a gorgeous guy like him would never be into her. Him was HOT, popular, athletic, envied by the guys and wanted by all the girls. Sarah... was well... just Sarah.

Him and Sarah turn from friends to lovers and experience lots of firsts together. They had incredible chemistry and were super cute as a couple. They graduate from high school.They seem to be in love and planning for a future. Sarah has never quite gotten over the insecurity and lets those insecure feelings, pushed along by a jealous ex girlfriend and a snobby mother, come between her and Him. She runs off to her uncle's in another state.

Fast forward 7 years and Sarah is forced to go back home for her brother's wedding. She knows she is highly likely to run into Him. How will she feel? Are those feelings still there? Will she fall back into a rut of losing her one true love or will she have moved on? She knows just the sight of Him will answer these questions.

One of my favorite characters in Him was Sawyer. She is Sarah's best friend and is super spunky. She is vivacious, spontaneous, and loves life. She never leaves a place without making tons of friends and her personality is infectious! I would love to see a book with Sawyer being our main character. :)

I give Him 3.8 stars on the knock my socks off scale. Like I said, I loved the concept of this book. I thought it was a good read. It was well written. I loved the flashbacks from past to present. Him was sexy, and had me drooling.. just look at the cover!!

I got to sit down and chat with Carey about her amazeball book Him. I have to tell you, I had quite the fangirl moment!!!

1. What was your inspiration for writing Him? The idea for this book started on a plane ride to Tampa, Florida. It would have been a seriously boring flight if it wasn’t for the person sitting next to me. We clicked and talked nonstop the entire flight (probably annoying the crap out of everyone around us!). We shared our life stories and I am blessed to now call her my friend. Our conversations over rekindling with old flames inspired me to write this book. 
2. Who do you see as your Will and Sarah? My Will is Chris Pine and my Sarah is Leighton Meester.
3. Can you give us a deleted scene? Or your favorite quote? My favorite quote is: "Ever been so happy for someone and so aware of how lonely their happiness makes you feel at the same time?"
4. What song do you immediately think of that would describe Sarah and Will's relationship? Every Night by Imagine Dragons.
5. What does Her hold in store for us... Just a time sneak peek? ;) Her will start time wise prior to Him. I gave a sneak peek of the fast two scenes on my Facebook page. There will be some overlap from Will's POV in Her, otherwise it does cover their time about and goes out months past where Him ended!

Author Bio:
Carey Heywood lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three children, and nine-pound attack Yorkie. In her spare time, she transports her children from one extra-curricular activity to another while maintaining her day job in the world of finance. Right now, she is probably eating Swedish Fish. I'd love to hear from you!

Other Books written by Carey: A Bridge of Her Own ~ Uninvolved ~ Stages of Grace

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BLOG STOP DAY for Promise Me This by Sarah Ashley Jones!!!
Welcome to the South - where the tea is sweet and the accents are sweeter. This Southern way of life is all Charlie has ever known. It’s not until she loses the only person who pushed her to break free of the Southern Belle mold that she starts living the life she needs and not the life her parents forced on her.
Jhett has lived on the edge for as long as he could remember - constantly teetering back and forth between being a rock star and living a normal life. His rebellious and sometimes arrogant attitude is known to get him into trouble, especially with the girls who hang on his every move.

Charlie never thought that a trip to pack up her brother’s apartment would leave her feeling even more unsettled about the grainy details of her brother’s death. Her quest for information leads her straight to his old hangout and into arms of Jhett, who suspiciously knows more about her situation than he ever should.

Only a few questions remain - Can you trust someone based on their word alone? And if you make a promise, how far will you go to keep it?


Music began to trickle through the backyard. Hannah found the outside stereo system and led me out into the grass. The backyard was strung with white lights that draped above us, which illuminated the trees that grew in the corners of the yard. Jhett watched from the porch while Hannah and I jumped around to the beats on the radio. I was fixated on him while I danced; he always seemed to draw me in, no matter how far apart we were.
“Thank you,” I mouthed to him. I knew Ginger wasn’t the only reason why Hannah had come.
“You love him, don’t you?” she whispered in my ear as our bodies still swayed in time to the beat.
Hannah’s question caused a fire to rise through my toes and up into my chest. I never thought about what loving Jhett would be like. I only knew that I didn’t want to find out what life was like without him.
“I knew it!” she accused me. My response was a short, knowing smile and nod in her direction. “He loves you, too, you know.”
I turned to Hannah and searched her eyes; I wanted to find the truth to her theory. There was a longing in them that told me she was envious, which made me wonder - was she right?

Guest Post: The Story Behind the Cover
Covers have always been important to me and when I started writing, I knew I wanted something special for my cover. I was so blessed when one of my good friends, Chad Spann, offered to take the pictures and then two friends of mine, Cathleen and Steven, offered to become my Jhett and Charlie for the day.
There’s not many ways to describe the feeling in which you spend months getting to know your characters, their past and their present, and you feel with them. You laugh when they laugh and cry when they cry, and even though you see them perfectly clear inside your head and you know they’re real someplace, rarely do we get to see them come to life. But I got that experience, even if just for a tiny taste of it, when we had the cover shoot.
Cathleen and Steven were absolute champs and I barely had to direct them at all. They fell right into their roles and Charlie and Jhett, and I’ll admit to tearing up a few times. Chad dealt with my crazy posing ideas and I couldn’t think him more for some of his suggestions, because he saw them as Charlie and Jhett, too.
The final picture chosen for the front of the cover, was not originally supposed to be the front – it was supposed to be the back. But Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations suggested we try it on the front, just to see. I reluctantly agreed (I’m a little hard headed at times) and when the final product came out, it was breathtaking. It was everything I wanted, down to the mystery of who these two people are and their tiny little pink promise.
When I opened the email, I cried. Now, I’m a crier as it as – I cry when I’m too happy or too sad or too scared or too excited. I’m just emotionally a hot mess. But this was the end result of a labor of love between a lot of people and it was mine! It was the face to my story and I wanted to scream I was so happy. Of course, I called up my Mom first and she didn’t answer. In which, I proceeded to call and text her like a crazy woman until she picked up. When she finally did, we freaked out together. Then I shared it with my husband, Chad, Cathleen, and Steven, and everyone agreed. It was amazing.
I also put together a little Behind the Scenes video from the shoot. I think it shows perfectly the amount of fun we had that day and what a positive energy these amazing people put out.

About The Author:
Sarah Ashley Jones was raised in San Diego, California, but currently wrangles her husband and four dogs in Clarksville, Tennessee. When she's not writing she works in a pottery studio and comes home covered in paint on a daily basis. She has a slightly unhealthy obsession with cupcakes and chapstick. She is an eternal optimist and can often be found dancing and singing to music at any given time. It's rare to see her not smiling or laughing, but if you do, just bring her a cupcake and it will cheer her up.

Promise Me This is her first novel and is a story that weaseled its way into her heart and wouldn't leave her alone until she typed it up on the computer. She already is hard at work on ideas for her next book and hopes that the
characters never stop coming to her. Her huge imagination was always in overdrive as a child and now she is beyond excited to put it to good use as an adult. She plans to write as long as she has stories that need to be told.


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  1. Thanks so much for the fabulous post and being a part of the tour today! It means so much. I had fun revisiting the memories I made while creating the cover!

  2. Looks like a great read, Sarah! Thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  3. Thanks for the introduction to Promise Me This. It sounds like the perfect for me!