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Blog Tour: Twinsequences by Jennifer Foor

Holy Hotness Jennifer Foor!!!! Today we have Twinsequences on our blog... WHEW!!

I’d shared everything with Ivy since we were born. She was my exact double. We were only two minutes apart. I never thought that my own twin sister would steal away my one chance at happiness, but that is exactly what she’d done. She didn’t even know that I was in love with him. How could she? Ivy was too busy being Miss Popular to notice what I wanted.

After having my heart broken, I’d decided to leave my town, and my sister, to go to college out of state. For the past four years, I’d done nothing but work to make a life for myself. We were still the best of friends, but going home was too hard for me to face and I hadn’t been back since they’d gotten married.

I wanted my sister to be happy, even if it meant I never would be. She didn’t have the brains, or the successful future that I knew was coming to me. But, she’d always have the one thing I wanted. The one thing, I could never have. Stoshua Wheeler.

A late night phone call brought me back to town. I should have never considered her request. It wasn’t right to pretend to be her, but she said she was in trouble. I had to help her.

I’d dreamed of being her for five years. I envied their relationship. I wanted her life.

What was I willing to risk to take it for myself?

I’m Willow Green and this is my story..

My sister was asleep and strapped to her bed. I think I actually smiled when I saw her like that. She looked so peaceful, and in that position, she couldn’t hurt anyone.

There was never a doubt that I was going to go through with the plan. Taking her down was the objective, and no matter what I had to go through, it was going to happen.

Stosh stood back and let me approach the bed. He shouldn’t have been so trusting because without even thinking, I slapped her right in the face.

Her eyes shot open and she tried to sit up, but realized she was strapped down. When she tried to scream, I put my hand over her mouth, so nobody could hear. Stosh pulled out the prescription bottle of sleeping pills and we shoved a few down her throat, forcing her to swallow them. I forced a washrag in her mouth, to prevent her from spitting and making a sound.

Once we knew the pills had dissolved, we had to sit there for a good thirty minutes before they started working. While waiting, she desperately tried to free herself several times. I loved seeing her suffer and watching her realize that her plans to destroy me had gone very wrong. It was almost better than sex to see her scared. This was the pivotal moment when that little bitch realized her fate. Since Stosh and I had a long drive, we had plenty of time to get our plans in order. We were going to set off the fire alarm, giving us enough time to make the switch. He hugged me and kissed me on the forehead while my sister watched with wide eyes.

“You ready for this?”

I looked right at her. “Nothing is going to stop me from being with you, Stoshua. Never again!”

Tears filled her eyes and I knew I’d hit a nerve. I’d finally discovered what it felt like and why she craved it. I felt like I was on top of the world. Revenge was evil and it felt so good.

When her eyes started getting heavy, I leaned over close to her ear. “Did you think you’d win him back by pulling this stunt? You really think I was just going to let you win?” I ran my fingers over her lips. “My lips are the only ones he’s ever going to kiss. It will be me he comes home to everyday. We’re going to be so happy.” I stood up straight at looked at Stosh. “Paybacks are a real bitch, sis. You always said I was the smart one. You never should have messed with someone that could take you down a million times over. I considered lots of ways, but this one will hurt you the most.”

Stosh cleared his throat. “I could never hate anyone the way I hate you, Ivy. I never loved anyone like I loved Willow. You’ll never be her. I played you, like you tried to play me. You led me right to her. So, thanks for that!” He patted her on the leg and winked at me.

I felt chills realizing that he was utterly and completely mine.

My Review:

Wow.... Twinsequences left me with my mouth gaped opened like I was trying to catch flies!! I found myself throughout the entire book saying... "What the...???" Twinsequences is a well written story with TONS of  angst, love, mystery, and HOT sex that made it a definite read! It is like a Soap Opera on pages!

Ivy and Willow are identical twins. Ivy is the typical high school socialite that only focuses on boyfriends, parties, and being the hottest chick in school. Willow is the smart twin. She is focused on getting good grades, her GPA, and setting goals for her life. They never get into each other cross hairs until Stoshua Wheeler came to their school.

Stoshua... although I didn't care for the name... is the new guy. He is hot, smart, athletic, and a mystery to them all because he is the new guy. Willow becomes friends with him, although she wants more, and hopes one day she will be Mrs. Wheeler. They had an amazing friendship and I couldn't help but wonder if Stosh felt the same. That is until Ivy stakes claim that she will be Stosh's date to prom.... which Willow was working up the nerve to ask him to. Long story short, Ivy goes to prom with Stosh, has sex, gets pregnant, marries Stosh, has a miscarriage, and Willow disappears to college.

This is where the book for me took a strange turn. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the angst of this story, there were several events I just couldn't 100% buy into. It felt very unrealistic to me. That is not saying the writing was poor, because I still could not put the book down!! I just found myself thinking this could NEVER happen and it made it tough to solely lose myself in the story. I HATED Ivy and felt so extremely bad for Willow. Now Stoshua was a different animal altogether. I questioned his every move, feeling, and when he made certain declarations I never trusted him. He was hot, gave awesomesauce sex.... but  I just couldn't fall for him. For me, he was a conniving, pathetic, weak stud and I like Alphas a little too much to consider him a book boyfriend.

With all of that being said Twinsequences was a good book. I loved the basis of the story, I just wished some of the events were a little more realistic. Even with these critiques I have, I read this book in one night. I couldn't bookmark pages, because I had to know how it ended!! I give Twinsequences 3.8 stars on the knock my socks off scale. I loved parts, hated parts, but still have the utmost respect for Jenn Foor's writing!!

Dream Cast:

          Ivy                                                                                               Willow

       Stoshua- M-E-O-W

About the Author:
Jennifer Foor is a YA and Contemporary Romance Author. She is married with two children and spends most days running around like a chicken with her head cut off. She enjoys reading (especially Indie Authors) watching shows from her DVR, and writing. Jennifer Foor is the Author of the Mitchell Family Series, The Bank Shot Series, The Somonian Series and several stand alone books.

Jennifer Foor: Website, Facebook, Goodreads

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