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Blog Tour: Taming Johnny by Kaylie Newell

We are super excited to have Kaylie Newell and her book Taming Johnny on our blog today!!

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and strong language
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He's got the temperament of a lion, and she's just the one to tame him.

Police records clerk Emma Beaumont has always played it safe, never taking many risks. Quiet, shy, and a little overweight, she's convinced herself that she's comfortable with the way her life is. That is until she lays eyes on incredibly sexy Lieutenant Johnny Street. But she's never met anyone with such a terrible attitude. He's a jerk. Everyone thinks so.

Little by little, Emma is forced to uncover a stronger, spunkier part of herself, one that isn't afraid to stand up to him. As she gets to know him, she starts seeing glimpses of a very different man. A man who has known great heartache, and as it turns out, has good reason for embracing such bitterness. Behind his sharp tongue and harsh demeanor, lies a young man who's desperately afraid of losing what's left of himself.

As Emma's intense desire for Johnny turns to love, she will have to ask herself how far she'll go to chip away at his frosty heart. And at what cost.

My Review:

Taming Johnny is a mix of angst, heartbreak, healing, and love. I felt all of these emotions while reading this novella which makes it  great summer poolside read!

Johnny Street is a tough, grumpy, brash JERK!!!  He is a police Lieutenant and rubs everyone the wrong way. He is hated by all, feared by everyone, and no one really knows him as a person. He never smiles, makes small talk, or even tries to be nice. He likes it that way. He has had his share of heartache and prefers to keep other people at bay. Problem is he also super sexy and has noticed a sweet records clerk since she stepped foot in the station.

Emma Beaumont is sweet, shy, quiet, and severely self conscious. She is curvy and believes herself to be a little overweight. She has had her eyes set on Johnny Street from day 1. For some reason, she is convinced that underneath that take this life and shove it attitude is a man worthy of love and affection., Is she crazy... possibly... does that stop her... absolutely not!!

Johnny and Emma play this hot and cold game for most of the book. Their dance is one of utter angst that had me screaming at my Kindle to do something... anything... just stop dancing!! I wish the novella was just a bit longer, so their love story wouldn't have seemed rush. Taming Johnny was well written, I think the author was just trying to keep the book within so many words and had to make the ending come sooner than what I wanted. With that being said, this is a definite TBR read. It was a great quick read and I loved the characters and story. I give Taming Johnny 3.5 stars on the knock my socks off scale... only because I wish I got to spend more time reading bout Johnny and Emma's love blossoming.


Author Info:
For Kaylie Newell, storytelling is in the blood. Growing up the daughter of two gifted writers, she knew eventually she’d want to follow in their footsteps. While she’s written short stories her whole life, it wasn’t until after her kids were born that she decided to shoot for the moon and write her first romance novel. She hasn’t looked back since! Kaylie lives in Southern Oregon with her husband, two little girls, two indifferent cats and a Chihuahua named Pedro. She would love to hear from you!

 You can find her at:!/profile.php?id=1121007272!/KaylieNewell

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