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Blog Tour: The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons

Today we welcome The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons to our blog!!

Tourists flock to Jefferson Point for the antique shops and riverboat tours. Everyone knows everyone and secrets are impossible to keep. Or so it seems...

Dr. Ryan Harper's brutal slaying stuns the picturesque river town. High school football star, Prom King, and on his way to finishing his residency, Ryan was their golden child.                        

After a two-year struggle to care for their young son alone, his widow, Nicole, reluctantly returns to Jefferson Point. Her homecoming reopens old wounds, as Ryan's family and friends struggle to adapt to life without his dynamic presence.

The last person Nicole expects to reconnect with is Aaron Foster, Ryan’s best man and reluctant keeper of his secrets.

With opinions circulating on Nicole’s post-Ryan existence, she must maneuver the rapids of past loves, new expectations, and haunting dreams of her fallen husband.

The Perpetual Quest for the Perfect Life is a frank story of questionable decisions, small town politics, and love after loss.
Excerpt 1: Avery meets Shilah
As she turned toward the river, that smile vanished. Directly in her path was a gorgeous stranger. His appearance was so exotic that the sensation he provoked was akin to seeing an eagle sitting on her front stoop.

"It’s a little warm for that jacket." His voice was rich and delicious like caramel, and his symmetrical face appeared expressionless. As Avery admired him, she speculated he might be Native American. Dark-skinned, his long jet-black hair fell past his broad shoulders. He seemed tall, and his medium build was well defined. His casual stance radiated confidence. Dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt, he couldn’t have looked more divine in a tuxedo.

"It is warm—kind of hard to believe it’s October. Is there something I can do for you?" Avery impressed herself as she found her voice. Years of hobnobbing paid off and she spewed polite conversation on autopilot.

"I’m here to collect Jason Gates," the stranger replied, approaching her slowly. As he neared, she noticed his eyes were hazel. He seemed to regard her knowingly. She flushed with humiliation as realization overtook her like an avalanche. This guy knew Jason had spent the night. Keeping secrets in Jefferson Point was a hard mission to accomplish on a good day, and it clearly wasn’t going to be one of those.

"What makes you think he’s here?" Avery plastered on a confused expression. She felt lame for trying to cover up her tryst. She was a grown woman and she and Jason were both single, but she valued her privacy. At the sound of the door opening behind her, Avery closed her eyes with a defeated sigh.

"Sneaking off so early? This is your house, remember?" Jason’s carefree tone incited her. Avery glanced over her shoulder at him and was horrified to see him wrapped in one of her bed sheets, which he grasped casually around his waist. His thick blonde hair was wildly mussed from their lust-filled evening. His ripped arms and sculpted abs were a swift reminder of why she’d let him in the night before. Seeing no graceful way to recover from this turn of events, she shrugged and defiantly lifted her chin.

"Someone’s here for you, Jason." She turned again at the magnetic stranger and found him eyeing her unabashedly. His eyes on her caused her to shiver involuntarily.

Character favorites:

German Shepherds
Easy listening/top 40
Corona with a lime
Chicago style pizza
His best friend’s girl

Marlboro Reds
Protecting the environment
Garter belts

Diane Von Furstenberg
Black Puma running shoes
Silver Dodge Charger

Charcoal Pencils
Alternative/punk music
Post breakfast cartoons
Cherry Garcia

My Review:
What a wonderfully refreshing story about recovering from heartache, life's struggles, and death. I loved how The Perpetual Quest had a repertoire of characters that each had their own story, their own struggle, and their own likability factor. I was able to not only connect with the main characters of this story, but the circle of friends that was introduced throughout the book. This story follows the lives of several families and how they, like us, are trying to find and live the perfect life.

The book starts off with Nicole moving back home to the small town she grew up in and trying to reconnect with her husband's family after his death. Nicole has been dealt a terrible hand and is fighting like mad to stay above water and raise her son as a now single mother. She finds a new home, her old friends, and finds out that a little spark that started years ago is still there with a certain adorable man!

I loved that this book told each person's back story and included the entire cast of characters throughout the chapters. Don't get me wrong, I loved sweet Nicole, smokin hot Aaron, OH SO SEXY Shilah, and ball buster Avery... but what would this book be without Lauren?!?!?! She cracked me up with her snarky comments, hang you up by your toes and not care if you ever get down attitude, and her meddling into everyone's business. Her obnoxious behavior and bitchy comebacks hooked me in and made me laugh my butt off!

The Perpetual Quest is a great read! It is a quick, uplifting, comical book with a mix of romance, love, and frustrations.... OH the frustrations I felt with wanting Aaron to go after what he wanted!!! I give the Quest 4.5 stars on the knock my socks off scale and highly suggest everyone 1-Click this gem of a book!!

Meet the Authors:
Tammy Coons is the youngest of 7 children and lives in Illinois with her husband, Casey and three children Skyler, Sawyer and Savana. Tammy graduated from Scott Community College in 2010 and holds a diploma in Health Information Technology. In order to pass time while seeking employment in 2010 she decided to update Fury, one of the many stories she and Michelle have written together in the past 20 years.

Michelle Pace is a RN living in Texas with her husband, Les. She has two daughters, Holly and Bridgette, and one son, Kai. A singer and actress in her youth, Michelle has always enjoyed entertaining people and is excited to continue to do so as a writer.

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Author Favorites:

Live Music
All things British
People watching at airports
Josh Holloway
Spending time with friends and family
Antique shopping

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  1. Great review. Sometimes I am not as fond of books with lots of characters but if done right the supporting characters can make the book even better. Sounds like this is one of those books. Adding to my list. Happy Reading, have a great week!!