Saturday, March 30, 2013

Book Review: Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller

We had the honor of reading Lethal Obsession by Shandra Miller. Check out our review of this amazing book!! 

Angela Martin is like everyone else. She wants acceptance. Love. Passion.

For five years she’s lived with the pain of knowing her husband cheats on her. She’s dealt with the heart-rending rejection by rebuilding her life around her work, becoming the first woman detective in the history of the Moose Creek, N.C., police department.

Then she stumbles upon him. A man who reawakens desire, who makes her feel more alive than she believed possible by pulling her into a world of bondage and dominance, devotion and trust taken to a new level, fear mingling with desire, a craving stronger than any drug.

Soon women start turning up dead in Moose Creek, bound and tortured, tied in ways that Angela finds startling familiar. Angela’s heart tells her that her newfound love cannot be the killer, her detective instincts tell her otherwise, and her obsession with this new lifestyle draws her back to him, even at the risk of her life.

LETHAL OBSESSION is a tale of sex and bondage, love and fear, desire and suspicion, with an ending that will leave you breathless, craving more.

My Review:
Lethal Obsession is a BDSM book unlike any other I have ever read! This book has bondage, kinky sex, mystery, suspense, and shock!! I include shock because that is how the ending of this book left me!! I literally had to pick my jaw off of my lap when I read the concluding chapter!! The mystery and intrigue this book evoked suckered me in from the first 5 sentences and had me saying.... "What the what?!?!?" by the ending!!

Angela Martin is a small town detective who is stuck in an unhappy marriage where she is ignored by her porn surfing husband. It is no wonder why she turns to online services to search for companionship. What she finds there may be more than what she bargained for. Tanner, the online companion Angela found, introduces her to a world of BDSM that she never even knew existed. She finds herself intrigued by him and his lifestyle and cannot resist the pull she feels toward him. 

Tanner sparked my curiosity from the very beginning. I found myself hoping like crazy that Tanner would be a knight in shining handcuffs and would save Angela from the rut that she had found herself in with her marriage. Without giving any spoilers away I have to mention that the ending of this book literally had me yelling ...."What?!?!?!?" at my Kindle!! I had my suspicions, but was totally caught off guard with the last chapter of this book. I give Lethal Obsession 4 stars on the knock my socks off scale!! Go 1-Click if you do not shy away from kinky BDSM sex and you love a suspenseful story! 

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