Thursday, January 24, 2013

Book Review- Hollywood Twins by Amanda White

Hollywood Twins by Amanda White is a short novella based on the lives of identical twin sisters, Rachel and Hanna. They are as opposite as opposites can be. Hanna is the outgoing, party girl who is a club DJ and Rachel is a shy, reserved part time bartender/ baker. I thought that Amanda White did a great job at setting the stage for upcoming story lines. Hollywood Twins is a super quick read, and basically gives you a starting point on the sisters relationship with each other. I love how the twins were so different... It makes it easier for different personalities of readers' to relate to them.

I would love to read an entire book on the sisters and their adventures instead of novellas,  but I think it is an awesome way for the author to start her career as a writer. The overall feel of the book was happy. Boy meets girl, boy and girl connect, boy makes girl angry, boy makes it up to girl, and they ride off into the sunset happily ever after on his Harley of course! I for one love happy endings, but a longer book with a little more groveling in the boy makes it up to girl part would be nice too. ;))

I would give this novella 4 stars overall and can't wait to follow Amanda White's career and see where she goes as an author! You should definitely check out Hollywood Twins... Quick read that will make you smile!

The Hills Party is the exciting first installment in the new novella series "The Hollywood Twins" by contemporary romance author Amanda White. 

Rachel and Hanna are identical twins, just out of college living the high life in Hollywood, California. Having the same stunningly beautiful appearance is as far as it goes when it comes to being identical. Their personality couldn't be further apart. Hanna is the fun-loving, outspoken "in your face" sister, working as a hip DJ, entertaining the Hollywood club crowd, while Rachel is more reserved, but has enough maturity to take care of both of them.

Being low on cash, Rachel and Hanna agree to entertain as DJ and bartender at a private party in Hollywood Hills. While working at the party, the shy Rachel meets the good looking young actor, Kyle Marwick. He takes a shine to the reserved twin, but she quickly finds that dating an upcoming moviestar is not without problems. Will love prevail or could jealousy divide the couple?

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