Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review- The Proposition by Katie Ashley

How many of us women out there feel like a ticking time bomb is in our womb when it comes to our child bearing years??? This is exactly what Emma, the main character in The Proposition, is battling. She is 30, single, and has a plan on just how she is going to get that baby that she is dreaming of. That plan consists of her gay best friend fathering her baby, but plans sometime go awry. When her best friend's partner informs  her that he doesn't feel comfortable with him fathering a baby, Emma has to go to plan B.

Plan B involves her incredibly sexy coworker, Aidan who is used to getting any woman he wants. When Emma turns him down at their company party, Aidan senses a challenge. He sets his sight on Emma and getting her in his bed. Once he finds out about her "baby daddy" needs, he quickly volunteers to help her out and father her child. At first it is just sex for Aidan, but as the book delves into the back story of Aidan and why he is the way he is,  we all fall in love with him... Including Emma!

Emma and Aidan become friends and lovers and every reader is rooting for them to be a family. Emma finds out she is pregnant and they forge on with plans of the future. Aidan's love able Irish dad is introduced in the story, which makes you root for Emma and Aidan even more! Just when you think they are going to get a happy ever after, Aidan has to go back to his old ways and screw it up.

The Proposition leaves you with a total cliffhanger and an absolute look of "what the?????" on your face! I could not wait for any little clues from Katie Ashley to let me know what in the world will happen with these two characters. Do they split? Do they work it out and stay friends? Does Aidan finally suck it up and express his love for Emma? This is an amazing book and had me waiting on the edge of my seat for The Proposal!

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