Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I LOVE finding new authors!!!

I LOVE finding new authors!! I love reading any genre of books, but I truly love my Indie authors!! I found an amazing, new, indie author that is working on her first book! It is still a work in progress, and I can't wait until it is ready for a review!! I had to share my excitement and gear you guys up for a new read!! Check out C. M.  Martin's first chapter of Unexpected Love!!

Chapter 1

Where it all began

Do you ever sense you are being watched?
Well every day, every hour and every minute someone is watching embarrassing thing
 you have ever done.  How creepy is that?  Well in my life I have found it to be true.

It all started when I was a little girl.  I remember spinning around in circles and
watching my dress twirl around me. When I stopped and I felt weird, uneasy, and
I got cold chills.  I was being watched and I didn’t know by whom and I couldn’t see
anyone. I just continue to spin in circles. Eventually the sensation wore off and I forgot
 about it.

As I got older the feeling was more persistent.  So I started to listen to it. I was
standing at my locker getting my things ready to go home. When I became aware
someone was spying one me.  I glanced around thinking it’s my boyfriend Damon. I don’t
see him at first then he appears from around the corner walking towards me. Just the
sight of him makes me forget about everything else. I mean who 
doesn’t love a tall dark and handsome man?  Well, this girl does! My boyfriend Damon
Marks is just that. He has an extreme athletic frame with abs that seem as hard as stone.He loves his every day jeans and T-shirt that show off his strong comforting arms. His troublesome Blue eyes remind me every day of his devilish side.
We have only been dating about a month and so far everything is going well. Only
thing is he has this annoying little jealous streak that really pisses me off sometimes. He always thinks I am interested in other guys. He gets so uptight about other guys mentioninganything about me. Even when his friend jarred asked him if I had been working out? Which is just a simple question, but he took it as he was interested in my body. Really? So now every time Jarred is around he gives him the death stare to
mark his territory. Boys can be so complicated. It’s not like I am the home coming Queen or anything. I guess you could say that I am pretty.
I am about 5’7 and I have long blonde wavy hair and light blue eyes. I have a curvy
athletic frame with a good tan.  I am kind of a shy girl. I like to hang out with my
friends, read books and watch teen drama shows. The thing I love most is shopping with my mom. Every girl’s got to love shopping.
As Damon and I are walking home I become aware that I am being stocked.  You know,
that cold chill that runs down your spine. Yep, that the feeling. I start looking around forsomeone watching me. I don’t see anyone. There are people walking down the street on the other side, however none of them are looking our way. What is wrong with me? Maybe I am just crazy! I snuggle in closer to Damon as we walk home. If there is a creep maybe he will get the point that I am taken.  
Damon drops me off at my front door.  I hear my dad yelling for me to hurry up, because we have dinner plans. “Oh joy” dinner tonight probably another sea food restaurant. I hate seafood.  Damon pulls me in for a goodbye hug while whispering in my ear I will call you later Babe.
The car ride over is torcher. My parents are listening to oldies and singing. I think my
ears are going to bleed from the noise. I grab my Ipod and put on Nickleback as loud as I can to drown out that terror.
We finally arrive at Bob’s Crabs another sea food restaurant. As we walk in I am hit with the overwhelming smell of seafood. We are seated right away at a wooden booth with really hard seats. There are a few cast nets with sea creatures in them on the walls as well as fishing décor. Could it be any more cliché?  I search the menu for anything not seafood related.  All I can find is some chicken strips and fries on the kids menu. Why couldn’t my parents choose a steak restaurant instead of the same ole same seafood theme every time.
While waiting for our food to arrive my parents are talking about something that
 happened today at work.  Jake, my dad, is the head surgeon at Mercy Hospital and my
 mom Melissa is a nurse in the ICU at the same hospital.  I excuse myself  to the bathroom. The bathroom is hideous. There is toilet paper everywhere. “oh,” you don’t want to know the rest.  I go straight to the first stall. Did u know that it is usually the cleanest? Most people by pass the first stall. Yeah, they did a study about it. So since I read that I always try the first stall first and most of the time it is the cleanest.  Let’s just say that this one wasn’t too awful.
As I am walking out I take a look in the mirror and realize that I have part of my skirt
tucked into my underwear and tights. OMG!! That would have been so embarrassing. Thank God no one was in here to see it. If I had walked out into the restaurant like that I might never recover from the embarrassment. An unexpected disturbing feeling washes over me I am immediately aware of the sensation of being observed, but I am in the girl’s restroom. It is completely empty and there are no windows. There is no way someone is watching me. This is so alarming! Am I going insane?
I shrug it off and walk back to the table dinner has arrived.  I notice that my parents are suspiciously peering at me.
Mom asks, did something happen while you were in the restroom? Arissa dear you’re a
little flush. Are you feeling well? Oh my God Arissa are you pregnant?
What? Mom! No way are you crazy?
I just had a little incident in the girl’s room. It was kind of stupid.
Oh ok darling. I know you have that new boyfriend. I think his name is Damon.  I don’t
know if you guys are doing anything, but I would hope that you are using protection.
Wow! Really Mom?
I am not having SEX and I do not plan on doing so until I am married. I have more respect
for myself than that.
Well dear I hope that you do, but sometimes you live in the moment and things can happen.  
Well I can promise you if that happens that I will use all necessary precautions. I don’t
want any children before I go off to college. I want to go to college and finish it. Then get married, buy a house and start a family. I don’t want to end up pregnant and ruin all that I have worked for.  
Speaking of which, I talked to the school counselor today. We think that I should apply to all the Ivy League schools. Like Harvard, Duke, and Yale. She says, that with my grades I should be able to get a scholarship. I am so excited. I know that they are far away from home, but I really want the whole college experience.
So what do you think?
Arissa, dear I think that is great. Your father and I both went to Yale. We think that
would be great for you to get the full college experience.
So you both are ok with me applying to those schools?
Dad says “Yes, dear we are very excited that you want to do that. “
Yay! I am so excited. I have to start applying over the next few weeks. So will you help
me over Christmas vacation?
Of course dear we will help you.

Once we got home I rushed upstairs to finish up my homework.  I really hate Geometry. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around all the angles and formulas. I just have to understand it enough that it doesn’t affect my GPA.

I hear my phone ring. I almost forgot that Damon said that he was going to call me
Hey Babe, How was dinner?
It was good, I got to talk to my parents about the colleges that I want to go to.
Oh really? Where are you planning to apply?
I am going to apply to all the Ivy League schools. My counselor said that I should be able to get in with a scholarship.
That’s great babe.
Thanks, so where do you plan on applying?
Well my grades aren’t as good as yours Arissa. I think I might even have trouble getting into a community college.
Really? Not even community college? I can help you study if you need.
I think it’s a little late for that babe. What’s done is done.
Ok, so how was your night?
I went down to the local pool hall and played some pool with the guys.
That sounds like fun. I wish I would have gone. Even, if I can’t play to save my life. I just like to hit the balls around.
Well if u figured out geometry then it would help you be a better pool player.
Ha! You are so funny. I am trying, but it is not easy for me. I swear my brain just doesn’t comprehend it.
Well it’s late and I need to get some sleep. I have a test in History in first period.
Alright, Love. Sweet dreams.
Night, Damon.

As I lie there in bed thinking to myself.  His grades are so bad that he isn’t going to
college. Do I really want to date someone who doesn’t have a college future? Is this really going to work between us?  I am going away to college and he is not even sure if he can get into community college. I really like him and he is so nice to me, but do I have a future with him? I don’t know I guess all I can do is just sleep on it.

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