Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Find!! Bad boys of rock and roll lovers... 1- Click!!

If you love the bad boys of rock and roll, this definitely needs to been your TBR list!! I just 1- Clicked.... So should you!! I put it on my review list, so I'll be adding that later!

Josie Foley, home-schooled loser, finds solace in one thing in her miserable life: music. When U.S.A Talent auditions hit the East Coast her geeky, only-friend urges her to leave their small hometown and attend the forbidden event.

Josie is suddenly hurled into L.A.'s underbelly, an unfamiliar world of drugs, parties and crime introduced to her by the bewitching and mysterious Vanessa. Along the way, she encounters an assortment of strange, dangerous new friends that accompany her on a once-in-a-lifetime journey. There's Dante, the unhinged drag queen; Christian, a hot Sunset Strip rocker; Mickey Solomon, Hollywood's favorite drug kingpin; and SNL, the spoiled little rich girl in pink.

As the show comes to an intense climax, Josie begins to question what reflections are real—even her own—and discovers that nothing here is what it seems.

A shocking plunge into a raw and realistic Los Angeles, IF YOU COME TO CALIFORNIA is a fictional black market tourist’s guide for anybody who has ever had a Hollywood dream.

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