Monday, January 21, 2013

Book Review- The Proposal by Katie Ashley

The Proposal by Katie Ashley picks right up where The Proposition left off. Thank goodness!!! Aidan has realized he made an unbelievably idiotic mistake with letting Emma go and is trying to win her back. It is proving to be especially difficult, seeing as how Emma will not even take his calls, emails, texts, or anything! Emma has made her mind up that if Aidan wants out, she is giving him his out. Aidan however, has realized that he loves Emma and wants to be more than a sperm donor in his baby's life.

To make matters worse, Aidan's love able Irish dad has grown close to Emma and is trying to play match maker. He thinks if Aidan wants Emma he needs to put up a fight for her and go after exactly what he wants! When heart issues land Aidan's father in the hospital it allows a chance encounter for the sexy doctor Pesh, to make his move on Emma. Aidan sees this love interest and he sees green!

Pregnancy problems land Emma on bed rest and Aidan finds this as an opportunity to care for Emma and their unborn son. He decides to take a leave of absence from work and wait hand and foot on Emma hoping to win her heart. I love how Katie Ashley lets the readers have sneak peaks into Aidan's past and why he is the way he is. Underneath that playboy exterior he is a loving, caring, family man just begging for a second chance. Thank you Katie for wrapping up the series in a beautiful love story where true love wins out!

The next installment in this series is the story of Pesh and Morgan ( Aidan's cousin) and I CANNOT wait to read this one!!!!

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