Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book Review- Playing Along by Rory Samantha Green

Wow!!! As I type this review I am feeling like my belief in love at first sight has been restored! Playing Along by Rory Samantha Green is a very refreshing take on the rock star boyfriends stories that are hitting shelves everywhere! I give this book 4 stars easily and recommend anyone who loves romance, love at first sight, and happy endings definitely put this book on their to be read list!!

Playing Along is the story of George, lead singer of Britain's top rock band Thesis, and Lexi a former high school prom queen whose life has taken unexpected twists and turns. George is a rock star, but he has retained his down to Earth, boy next door, straight laced attitude, and has not let fame take him down the path of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. I fell in love with George instantly. He grew up in a family that didn't appreciate his "beat to his own drum" personality and he was treated as the "other" child.

"George has been unpacking heartache from his sensitive soul since the age of ten."

This quote broke my heart, I could easily imagine a young George having his dreams crushed by those that meant the most to him... His family. His sister, Polly, made me want to jump in the book and punch her in the face! She was a self centered brat, even as an adult, that wanted all eyes on her and she didn't care how she got said attention. 

Then we have Lexi. Lexi was prom queen, ring leader of the popular girls in high school, apple of her parents' eyes, and was envied by everyone. She had a good looking, athletic boyfriend who was her equal in being envied. Every girl wanted to be her, and every boy wanted to be with her. Her life changed when she learned her "perfect"high school boyfriend was gay and she just may have tapped out at 17.  As a young girl she was taught to rely on her looks and the support of a good man.

"Her parents only introduced her when she was young as “our beautiful Lexi,” and she came to rely on the label, like it was part of her name,"

This love story sucked me in from the very beginning! I love how the author took the time to allow readers to connect with each character before jumping into the relationship of them. By the time George and Lexi ever crossed paths in the book, I was already committed to the story and was rooting for both of them to get a happy ending... Even if it wasn't with each other. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat wondering,when the heck will these two ever meet and see the fireworks. They had several chance encounters before I got my wish.

"A woman runs towards him halfway down a residential street. His heart is beating in time to the song. As they pass each other, they both look up, and even though her face is in his eye line for the briefest second, he could swear he sees tears in her eyes."

Of course, life has a funny way of intervening in dreams and plans. George and Lexi's lives absolutely had a way of postponing my dreams of their first kiss. After that running encounter, it took several twists and turns before they ever even met! They eventually had another encounter at one of his concerts..

"He’s singing “A Suitable Dawn” and he’s looking directly at her. Or at least she feels like he’s looking directly at her. She holds his gaze for a number of seconds, feeling, bizarrely, like she is the only person in the room."

It became increasingly obvious that George and Lexi were meant to be and it would be fireworks when and if it ever happened. I for one was patiently waiting... Well not really patiently... For their first kiss! Of course, I was teased a few times into thinking it would finally happen. Their first meeting, was just that... a meeting!!

"He’s watching her lips as they meet the edge of the glass and imagining the faint imprint they will leave behind. It doesn’t really matter anymore what she is saying, he is way past needing to be convinced"
When George and Lexi let destiny take the drivers seat it was exactly how I thought it would be!! I found myself so deeply rooted into the lives of these characters and could not put this book down until I read it all!! I could continue on and let all of the secrets and spoilers out, but I want other readers to be in as much suspense over wondering if George and Lexi ever take the plunge as much as I was. A MUST read for romance lovers and those who need a break from the bad boy rock stars, but still want a smidgen of bad boy there. ;))

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